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logo for short film Longer

An opera superstar only needs to hear the tune “Longer” once in a cozy club for her keen eye and cheeky mouth to bring a jazz musician’s secret crush to light. And it only takes a bit of practice to surprise both the crush and the jazz musician with a special performance of the song. But does she really forget the words, or is she playing Cupid in an ice blue dress? 

Three women with a shared passion for music navigate the tensions among unspoken ardor and long-standing affection, fame and obscurity, music in performance and music as obsession.

Longer reminds us of the thrill and terror of a crush – even for grown-ups.

fragment of sheet music for original song "Longer"

Click to listen to the original song "Longer" (composed by Max Watson; words by Susana Darwin)

Longer  production stills

202006 Bondurant E.jpg

Eugenie Bondurant brings her inimitable style and acuity to the role of jazz musician Joanne in Longer, melding experience, training, and instinct to bring out powerful subtleties. 

Diana Lovell has worked as an actor in a variety of big- and small-screen roles and lends sensitivity and nuance to the role of Vida, Joanne’s crush and the subject of her song “Longer.” 

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