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About Susana Darwin 

After many years working in politics, the law, and publishing, Susana Darwin joyfully returned to her early passion for film when she put her narrative short Hatboxes into production. That award-winning film appeared in 15 film festivals and conferences worldwide.


In 2016, Susana produced For the World: The Montessori School of Englewood, a documentary short about a school on Chicago’s South Side.


Susana moved with her wife in 2018 to St. Petersburg, Florida, an exceptionally film-supportive city. Joining a writer/actor group made Susana part of a network of talented people who have contributed directly to the launch of her award-winning short film Longer in 2019.


In 2023, Susana released Flag Act, which she wrote and directed. “With anti-democratic impulses on the rise,” she says, “the majority of us who believe in democracy need a boost of courage, and a hearty laugh never hurts. People gasp aloud at how timely Flag Act is.”


Susana is also currently at work on several short and feature-length screenplays and a novel, in addition to creations in other forms of visual art. Her other passions include aloha shirts, fat novels, political organizing, and outdoor music festivals.

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