Longer  screened at Sydney's Salt Creek Creative International Film Festival in June 2020 and won best short film. Diana Lovell took the award for best actress, and organizers said, "Some films are an absolute joy and pleasure to watch. Longer is a beautiful story told in a beautiful way."

Longer  screened at Italy's Venice Film Awards in early July and won best LGBTQ film.

Longer  screened in Italy in early July as part of the Florence Film Awards.

Longer  was part of an outdoor program at the Ergotaxion Artspace in in Athens, Greece, in late July as part of the Yard International Film Festival


Longer  will show at the 2020 Sunscreen 
Film Festival in St. Petersburg as part of the Looking For Love? short film block on Friday, 25 September, and Sunday, 27 September, at 2 pm "barring a large meteor crashing into the Earth, hurricane, Florida shutting down again due to COVID or other unforeseen global catastrophe."

Longer  production stills


Eugenie Bondurant brings her inimitable style and acuity to the role of jazz musician Joanne in Longer, melding experience, training, and instinct to bring out powerful subtleties. 

Diana Lovell has worked as an actor in a variety of big- and small-screen roles and lends sensitivity and nuance to the role of Vida, Joanne’s crush and the subject of her song “Longer.” 

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